Business Principles for Governing

With over 35 years of business leadership experience, Bill Lee knows how to make a payroll, manage a budget through hard times, and create good jobs. Employing over 1,200 Tennesseans, Bill Lee has the proven experience to lead, and he is ready to put that experience to work for you as governor. Join 100+ business leaders in support of Bill Lee.

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“As Governor, we will create the most efficient and least wasteful state government in all of America.”

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Number One in People

“My belief about state government is it should do less, but the things that it does it should do with excellence. I will work to promote a culture of excellence and accountability for all of the people that work for the State of Tennessee.”

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“If you have risked your life for this country, then I know I can count on you to do a great job. When these men and women decide to leave active duty and put down roots, I want Tennessee to be at the top of their list.”

What Others Are Saying

“Putting people first, getting the job done, and being a man of your word... Bill Lee is that kind of leader.”

Kelly Wolfe
Mayor of Jonesborough and President of Wolfe Development
East Tennessee
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Workforce Development

“Vocational education is something politicians like to talk about, but I've been living it. We won't move forward as a state unless we get serious about workforce development, and I know how to get the job done.”

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Needs vs. Wants

“Kicking the can down the road with debt punishes our kids more than it benefits us. Cutting back is always tough, but it’s even tougher if you get behind.”

What Others Are Saying

“Bill brings real world business experience and principles to make government more efficient.”

Cordia Harrington
Founder and CEO, The Bakery Cos.
Nashville, Tennessee
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Public Private Partnerships

“Not every problem needs a government program to "solve" it. Partnering with the private sector can save taxpayer dollars and deliver better results.”

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Good Intentions Aren’t Enough

“In government, we don’t ask “Is what we’re doing working?” often enough. You don’t throw good money after bad investments in business, and throwing taxpayer dollars at programs that don’t work shouldn’t be allowed in government.”

What Others Are Saying

“Integrity matters in business and in government. Bill Lee has been a model of integrity in his business dealings and community involvement.”

Ruste Via
CEO of Christian Family Medicine
West Tennessee
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Traditions of Faith

“We need to embrace our traditions of faith. Not just because they're part of who we are, but because they're what makes Tennessee great. We don’t check our values at the door and we never will.”

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Competition Produces Innovation

“Whether it’s healthcare, education, or our approach to economic development, competition produces innovation, cost-savings, and sustainable growth. Too often, government intervention into the free market creates more problems than it solves.”

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